Tips for Making a Perfect Birdhouse

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Tips for Making a Perfect Birdhouse

Birds are lovely creatures that warm many yards with their melodious chirps and plays. Would you like to attract more of the common birds in your area to your yard to add to this beautiful scenery? Here is what you need to do. Build good birdhouses!

While birdhouses are viewed as simple and budget friendly, it is also good to make them attractive, safe and fun for these feathered friends. Below are some tips to attract more birds by building better birdhouses:

Choose the correct birdhouse size.

Did you know some birds like the Purple Martins prefer to live in groups? With such birds in your area, it would only translate to building large birdhouses. Other birds prefer to stay alone and especially when they are nestling and hence need small houses.

Build safe birdhouses

Birds have many threats, including predators such as squirrels and snakes. A good birdhouse should be painted with colors that blend naturally with the surrounding environment to make it not be easily recognizable by the predators. Birdhouses should also be firm enough to withstand strong winds and hanged high enough and away from bushes.

Choose a good location for your birdhouses.

This is a very vital factor when you want to attract specific birds in your yard. It would be best if you discovered whether the birds you want to shelter, prefer an area with some trees, close to a water source or an open field.

Final thought

To make sure that you accommodate most of the birds in your area, you should choose and build birdhouses in different sizes and designs and also hang them in various locations in your yard. Good luck as you house multiple birds by following these valuable tips.

Lattice Twig Birdhouse